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Easy AC Maintenance Tasks

Learn 5 easy AC maintenance tasks to keep your system running efficiently such as changing air filters, cleaning vents, and more to ensure your home stays cool and comfortable all year round.

How Do Smart Thermostats Save Energy?

If you want to make a simple home improvement that will pay off in savings, consider installing a smart thermostat. With features such as learning capabilities, precision temperature control, energy usage reports, remote access via app and more smart thermostats save energy while enhancing home comfort.

Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

Discover expert air conditioning tips for summer to keep your home cool and energy-efficient. From regular maintenance to smart thermostat use, learn how to beat the heat and save on utility bills.

Elevate Indoor Air Quality

Elevate indoor air quality during air conditioning installation with proactive measures such as high-quality air filters, effective ventilation strategies, humidity control, and proper duct sealing. Achieve cleaner, fresher indoor air for a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Dirty sock syndrome describes the mold and mildew smell that comes from air conditioning systems. It is caused by buildup of bacterial growth, dust and dirt on the evaporator coil. Learn what you can do to mitigate the odor and help improve indoor air quality.

Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these summer air conditioning mistakes that are putting unnecessary stress on your air conditioning system, leading to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills.

How Proper Air Conditioning Installation Saves You Money

Proper air conditioning installation with quality installation practices leads to long term energy savings with right sized equipment, efficient ductwork, optimal airflow management and warranty protection. For AC replacement in Los Angeles, contact LA Construction, Heating and Air today.

Why Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Learn why annual air conditioning maintenance is important for efficiency, longevity, and comfort. Learn how regular upkeep can prevent costly repairs, improve indoor air quality, and extend the lifespan of your central cooling system.

Main Parts of Your Condenser

Learn more about the main parts of your condenser, from the condenser coil and compressor to the fan assembly and refrigerant lines. Learn how each part contributes to efficient cooling performance and the transfer of heat from indoor spaces to the outdoors.

Expert Air Conditioning Repair Services

Expert air conditioning repair services ensure optimal comfort, efficiency, and safety. Trust qualified technicians to diagnose issues, preserve energy efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noises

Discover the reasons why your air conditioner makes loud noises at startup and shutdown and effective solutions to address them. Keep your home cool and quiet with proactive maintenance tips.

Reduce Allergens with Your HVAC System

Reduce allergens with your HVAC system through advanced filtration, humidity control, ventilation, and maintenance. Learn how to create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Benefits

Air conditioning preventive benefits include enhanced energy efficiency, improved cooling performance, enhanced indoor air quality, reduced risk of breakdowns, and peace of mind. Discover the comprehensive advantages of proactive maintenance for HVAC systems in our detailed guide.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Air Conditioner not cooling? From dirty air filters to refrigerant leaks, learn more about common AC issues and solutions to restore comfort and efficiency to your HVAC system.

Why Spring is the Best Time for AC Maintenance

Learn why spring is the best time for AC maintenance to enhance efficiency, and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home. Explore the benefits and strategies for maximizing your AC's performance by scheduling air conditioning maintenance in spring.

What Is An Indoor Blower Motor?

What is an indoor blower motor? It is the component that distributes heated or cooled air into the home. Learn how it circulates air, enhances comfort, and ensures efficient heating or cooling indoors.

Can Wind Affect My Furnace?

Can wind affect my furnace? Yes, high winds can impact your furnace affecting its efficiency and even indoor air quality. Learn about potential issues such as disrupted air intake and exhaust processes and find insights on mitigating these effects to maintain optimal comfort and safety in your home.

What is a Heat Pump Reversing Valve?

A heat pump reversing valve is a critical component of HVAC systems, facilitating the switch between heating and cooling modes by directing the flow of refrigerant. Learn about its function, common issues, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

High Efficiency Furnace Benefits

High efficiency furnace benefits include significant energy savings, improved comfort, reduced environmental impact and long-term reliability. Find out why investing in a high efficiency furnace is a smart choice for homeowners looking to enhance their heating system's performance and efficiency.

Replacing Furnace with Heat Pump

Discover the benefits of replacing furnace with heat pump for your home heating needs. Explore increased energy efficiency, year-round comfort, lower operating costs, and environmental sustainability with this smart and eco-friendly heating solution.

Furnace Safety Switches

Learn about key furnace safety switches such as high limit switches, flame sensors, pressure switches, and more, and understand how they protect against overheating, gas leaks, and other potential hazards.

Choosing the Right Heat Pump

Learn more about essential factors to consider when choosing the right heat pump for your home, from size and capacity to energy efficiency and installation requirements. Learn how to select the right system that optimizes comfort, energy savings, and performance for your specific needs.

Furnace Repair vs Replacement

Struggling with a malfunctioning furnace? Learn more about furnace repair vs replacement by considering cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and long-term savings to make an informed decision.

Professional Furnace Installation

Professional furnace installation is crucial for your home's comfort and safety. Explore the benefits of hiring certified HVAC technicians, including expertise, compliance with building codes, and the assurance of proper sizing and installation techniques.

Post-Installation Furnace Care

Learn essential post-installation furnace care tips to maintain long-term performance and efficiency. Regular inspections, airflow monitoring, ventilation maintenance, and thermostat upkeep can ensure your furnace operates reliably and keeps your home comfortable.

Energy Efficient Furnace Options

Discover a comprehensive guide to energy-efficient furnace options for homeowners, including high-efficiency gas furnaces, electric alternatives, dual-fuel systems, and advanced features. Learn how to maximize comfort and savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Smart Thermostats and Furnaces

Discover how smart thermostats are reshaping home heating, enhancing comfort, and saving energy. Learn about their seamless integration with furnaces and the benefits they offer for homeowners.

Heat Pump Benefits

From unmatched energy efficiency and versatile functionality to improved indoor comfort and environmental sustainability, explore heat pump benefits and how they redefine home comfort while reducing carbon emissions and utility costs.

Heat Pump Blowing Cold

Experiencing your heat pump blowing cold air in winter? Discover common causes like defrost mode, dirty air filters, or refrigerant issues, and learn troubleshooting tips to restore warmth and comfort in your home.

Heat Pump Pros and Cons

Learn more about heat pump pros and cons to make informed decisions about whether a heat pump is the right heating and cooling solution for your home. Overall, the pros of energy efficiency, year-round comfort, and environmental friendliness make heat pumps attractive options for many homeowners.

Top Things to Know About Your HVAC System

Top things to know about your HVAC system as a homeowner for optimal performance and comfort. From understanding system components to prioritizing regular maintenance, this guide covers the top things to ensure efficient operation, lower energy costs, and a comfortable indoor environment year-round.

Optimizing IAQ with HVAC Ventilation

Optimizing IAQ with HVAC ventilation for pollutant removal, moisture control, and fresh air supply. HVAC systems facilitate air exchange and filtration, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Implement strategies like regular maintenance, and smart technologies to optimize IAQ.

What to Do When Your Heating System Fails

What to do when your heating system fails? Knowing when to seek professional help is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and safety of your heating system. If you encounter persistent issues or a lack of heat output don't hesitate to contact a qualified HVAC technician.

How to Find Professional HVAC Company Near Me

Finding a professional HVAC company near me for HVAC repair or HVAC replacement is critical to ensure the efficiency and reliability of your HVAC system. Do some research beforehand to avoid headaches and troubles down the road.

Furnace Blowing Cold?

Furnace blowing cold air? Discover common causes such as issues with the flame sensor, igniter, inducer motor, control board, switches, or roll-out switch. Ensure the efficiency and warmth of your heating system with expert professional furnace repair for prompt and safe resolution.

Furnace Not Blowing Air

What happens if you find your furnace not blowing air? You may wonder how much money a furnace repair might cost, but there are several reasons for your furnace not blowing air. Some are easier to fix than others, but they do require you to contact a professional for furnace repair.

When is the Best Time to Replace HVAC System?

When is the best time to replace HVAC system? Whether the unit is extremely old, it has been damaged beyond repair, it is not cooling properly or replacing is cheaper than repairing, it is imperative to replace your HVAC system with a new one and gain the peace of mind that your family is safe.

Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality for Commercial Buildings

Good indoor air quality for commercial buildings promotes a healthier environment for occupants and enhances overall well-being and productivity. Routine commercial HVAC maintenance, fresh air damper and air scrubber installation ensures optimal ventilation, filtration, and pollutant control.

Importance of Timely Commercial HVAC Repair

Timely repairs for commercial HVAC systems are crucial for preserving energy efficiency, maintaining indoor air quality, and preventing minor issues from escalating, ultimately ensuring uninterrupted operations and long-term cost savings.

HVAC Inspections for Commercial HVAC

From optimizing system performance and ensuring energy efficiency to preventing costly breakdowns and maintaining indoor air quality, routine HVAC inspections for commercial HVAC play a strategic role in creating a comfortable, productive, and compliant working environment.

Common Commercial HVAC Issues

Explore effective solutions to common commercial HVAC issues. From poor airflow and refrigerant leaks to thermostat malfunctions and electrical problems, our guide provides actionable tips for optimal performance and proactive maintenance strategies to ensure a comfortable indoor environment.

Signs It's Time for Commercial HVAC Replacement

Discover the telltale signs indicating it's time to for commercial HVAC replacement. From increased energy bills and frequent repairs to uneven heating, this article guides you through the key indicators, helping you make informed decisions for a more efficient and comfortable commercial space.

Importance of Energy Efficiency in Commercial HVAC Systems

Discover the financial advantages, environmental benefits, and long-term sustainability that come with prioritizing energy efficiency in commercial HVAC systems. Embrace a future where you are positioning your company as a leader in efficiency and contributing to a healthier planet.

How To Eliminate Cold Spots

Discover effective strategies on how to eliminate cold spots in your home. Enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and create a more balanced indoor environment with these actionable steps to eliminate cold spots in your home for good.

Commercial AC Prep for Efficient Heating

Commercial AC prep for efficient heating enhances energy efficiency, ensures uninterrupted warmth, and extends the lifespan of your commercial HVAC investment. Stay ahead of the seasonal changes and keep your business running smoothly with our comprehensive commercial AC prep tips.

Single Stage vs Two Stage Furnace

Single stage furnace vs two stage furnace is one of the factors to consider when replacing your furnace. Single stage furnaces operate at 100% capacity when on. Two Stage Furnaces have three modes: low, high and off. Here we discuss their differences, pros and cons.

What is a Furnace Gas Valve?

A furnace gas valve is a component of the furnace's fuel system. It controls the flow of gas into the furnace based on the signals it receives from the thermostat. A malfunctioning gas valve poses a serious safety threat to you and your family and can lead to further furnace issues.

Why Heat Exchangers Fail

Furnace age, metal fatigue, lack of furnace maintenance, improperly sized furnace, low quality furnace installation are some of the reasons heat exchangers fail. Operating a furnace in unfavorable conditions puts unnecessary stress on the furnace and can be dangerous to continue operating.

What is an ECM Motor?

ECM stands for electronically commutated motor which is a type of motor that uses a microprocessor to control its speed, torque and power. There are three different types of ECMs: constant torque, constant airflow (variable speed) or constant speed.

Furnace Short Cycling

Furnace short cycling is when your furnace turns on and off more frequently than it should. If you have a furnace that is short cycling it could be from something as simple as a dirty air filter, but other issues if left unresolved could lead to major furnace repairs or furnace replacement.

Top Furnace Maintenance Tips

Ensure your furnace is ready this winter season by following our top furnace maintenance tips. Change the air filter, check your CO detector and most importantly schedule furnace maintenance with LA Construction, Heating and Air.

Damaged Heat Exchanger Signs

A damaged heat exchanger not only is harmful to your furnace but also poses a serious safety threat to those in your home. A cracked heat exchanger requires immediate attention from a professional to determine possible repair solutions.

What is a Red Tagged Furnace?

A red tagged furnace is a furnace that has been determined to be unsafe for operation, and is a serious safety hazard for you and your family. You should not continue operating a red tagged furnace until they are repaired or replaced.

How To Prep Your Heat Pump for Winter

To prep your heat pump for winter schedule routine maintenance. Routine HVAC maintenance is crucial to maintain efficiency, prevent untimely breakdowns, protect your HVAC equipment lifespan and keep it operating properly. For heat pumps schedule routine maintenance twice a year.

How To Program Your Thermostat for Max Efficiency

With all of the conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to determine what will help lower your electricity bills while also maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Programming your thermostat does not have to be a daunting task, and it is worth doing.


The ENERGY STAR label was established in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency to help consumers easily find the best products that support energy efficiency. AC replacement or furnace replacement with ENERGY STAR rated equipment can result in significant savings.

Heating Safety Tips to Follow This Winter

At LA Construction, Heating and Air we care about your safety. In this article we will discuss some of the most common unsafe heating scenarios and some heating safety tips to help avoid fire hazards this winter.

Most Common Heating Problems

Most common heating problems are due to lack of maintenance such as dirty air filters, odd noises, frequent cycling and failing parts. Schedule furnace maintenance to have your heating system serviced before winter to help ensure your system is working properly and efficiently.

What is HSPF2?

What is HSPF2? HSPF2 or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2 describes the efficiency of HP systems over the fall and winter seasons. HSPF2 is the new standard as of January 1, 2023; the bigger the HSPF2 the lower the heating operation cost.

Why you Should Repair Your Furnace

The easiest and best way to ensure your heating system performs reliably and efficiently when you need it the most is by having it serviced at least once a year and repaired promptly.

Duct Repair vs Replacement

The condition of your ducts directly affects the quality of your air conditioning and heating. If you are experiencing duct issues you will decide between duct repair vs replacement. We at LA Construction, Heating and Air work with you to help you decide which would best fit your needs and budget.

How To Reduce Indoor Humidity

To reduce indoor humidity use a dehumidifier, replace AC air filters, avoid condensation and schedule routine AC maintenance. When humidity levels are right you will feel more comfortable in your home leading to lower heating and cooling bills year-round.

Signs You Need AC Repair

Lack of cool air, increased energy costs, unusual sounds and smells are among some of the signs you need AC repair. Postponing AC repair leads to unnecessary wear and tear and possibly a complete breakdown requiring AC replacement.

Poor AC Airflow

Poor AC airflow can result in hot and cold spots, pressure imbalances, or AC not cooling enough. Ignoring poor ac airflow issues for too long puts unnecessary wear and tear on your system and can lead to compressor failure. Contact us a for AC repair services.

Why Is My AC Evaporator Coil Frozen?

Have you turned on your air conditioner for the first time this year and found that your air conditioner is not producing any cool air? One cause for this is a frozen evaporator coil. What is an evaporator coil, and why does it freeze?

AC Repair Appointment

HVAC systems, like other appliances, break down and have problems over time. Do you know what to expect during an AC repair appointment? AC repair is not something you want to attempt on your own, contact us LA Construction, Heating and Air when you need AC repair services.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is defined as the degradation of indoor air quality by harmful chemicals and other material. Indoor air pollution can typically be grouped into four categories pollen/dirt, building supplies, cleaning solutions and smoke/combustion sources.

Ways to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

HVAC replacement is not inexpensive, so it pays to help them last as long as possible. If you properly take care of your heating and cooling units, they will take care of you for as many years possible. In this article we discuss ways to extend the life of your HVAC system.

AC Repair vs AC Replacement

It is more than likely that at some point you will find yourself debating between ac repair vs ac replacement. We understand everyone’s situation will be different but if you are considering which one is best in this article we discuss different points to consider.

Negative Health Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Negative health effects of poor indoor air quality and what air quality solutions can you implement in your home? Poor indoor air quality can lead to negative health effects and HVAC system issues. Schedule routine AC maintenance or consider installing an air scrubber.

Why DIY AC Repair Is Not a Good Idea

When it comes to air conditioning repairs you are better off avoiding DIY solutions. Instead of risking costly or irreparable damage, contact LA Construction, Heating and Air we can ensure the job is done right.

What Is EER2?

EER is an acronym that stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. Starting with January 1, 2023 there was a significant change to HVAC minimum efficiency requirements across the United States. EER will not be the standard anymore, every AC will now receive a EER2 rating.

Can you Run Your AC and Heat at the Same Time?

It may seem strange to think about using both your AC and heater on the same day, but if you are mindful and follow proper maintenance it is possible without added wear and tear while still conserving energy.

Heat Pump Myths

Heat Pump Myths · Heat pump system purchases are on the rise, with homeowners who are looking toward more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly options. Despite their popularity there are some common misconceptions about heat pumps that remain.

Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

Save money on air conditioning bills this summer and stay cool. Schedule AC maintenance and replace your air filters. A neglected, malfunctioning AC system costs you a lot of money to run. Summer does not have to be a season of high air conditioning bills to keep you comfortable in your home.

Heat Pump Issues

Heat pump issues can cause a complete breakdown if not repaired right away. Contact a professional for repairs if you notice any warning signs such as reduced indoor comfort, loud unusual noises, higher electricity bills, or ice to name a few.

Reasons Your AC Stopped Working Over the Winter

Reasons your AC stopped working over winter include dirty air filter, clogged drain line, component failure, or something more serious such as a refrigerant leak or complete breakdown. The issue can be especially frustrating if your AC was working when you shut it down for the cooler months.

HVAC Tips to Prepare for Spring

HVAC Tips to prepare for Spring. Simple steps you can take to prep your AC system for warmer weather by changing air filters, testing the thermostat and AC, and scheduling a professional AC maintenance.

Commercial Swamp Cooler

Commercial swamp coolers maintenance helps keep vital components clean, in good condition, ensures the system runs correctly at max efficiency and maintains warranty. Routine HVAC maintenance can reduce the risk of malfunction by catching potential problems early helping prevent costly damage.

Two Stage AC and Variable Speed AC

Two Stage AC and Variable Speed AC differences. Two- stage AC has a compressor that can operate at two distinct speeds. A variable speed AC on the other hand operates across a capacity range. In this article we will go more in depth about the differences, pros and cons between these systems.

AC Hard Start Kits

AC hard start kits offer a range of benefits, if professionally installed and used properly. Higher Energy Efficiency, Extend Compressor Lifetime, Helps Avoid Compressor Replacement, and Assists with Low Voltage Issues.

What is SEER2?

What is SEER2? SEER2 rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2. Starting January 1, 2023 the US DOE implemented the updated rating system. This update reflects improvements in the accuracy of testing as well as advancements made in HVAC technology.

Winter HVAC Saving Tips

Winter HVAC saving tips: ways to save and still keep your homes comfortable as the weather gets colder. In this article we will discuss how to help lower your usage costs without sacrificing your comfort.

Damaged Ductwork Signs

Damaged ductwork signs include unpleasant odors, uneven temperatures, strange noises, and excessive dust. Damaged ductwork can decrease your comfort, indoor air quality and performance and cause high energy bills. Give us a call if you notice any signs.

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Causes of indoor air pollution include: smoke, VOCs, biological pollutants and other toxins. Indoor air pollutants can affect the health and comfort of you and your family leading to health effects shortly or years after exposure. Implement HVAC technology to improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

Is Your HVAC System Energy Efficient?

Is your HVAC system energy efficient? The HVAC system is the biggest source of energy consumption in your home. Even if your system is operational, it does not mean that it is running efficiently.

Efficient Ductwork Design

Efficient ductwork design and a proper quality ductwork installation is essential for an efficient HVAC system. If you have uneven temperatures in your home, unexplained high heating, or cooling costs, or noisy airflow they are all signs of bad ductwork design or low-quality installation.

Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Benefits of an HVAC maintenance contract includes fewer emergencies, priority service, greater energy efficiency and more. By having an HVAC maintenance contract your equipment is routinely inspected before you need urgent, costly repairs.

Space Heater Safety Tips

If your furnace has stopped working, you may be relying on a space heater until you get a furnace repair completed. Safety should be top priority when using space heaters, here we discuss space heater safety tips for keeping your home and family safe and warm.

Tips to Minimize Strain on Your Furnace

Tips to minimize strain on your furnace this winter season and help it run more efficiently to save money. Winter heating bills can put a strain not only on your wallet but on your furnace as well.

HVAC Troubleshooting Tips You Should Know

HVAC troubleshooting tips you should know. Even with routine maintenance, your HVAC system can malfunction from time to time. Having knowledge of basic HVAC troubleshooting tips can help save you time and money on a day you need your HVAC system the most.

Signs of A Trustworthy HVAC Company

In search of a trustworthy HVAC company to complete furnace repair? Not all HVAC companies are trustworthy and dedicated to their customers like LA Construction, Heating and Air.

Questions to Ask Technician After Furnace Repair

We discuss questions to ask technician after furnace repair so you can enjoy a properly working furnace going forward. An informed homeowner will make the best decisions and with winter here, you may soon find yourself having to call for furnace repair or furnace maintenance.

Get The Best Results From Your New Furnace

Get the best results from your new furnace. If you purchased a new furnace, you are likely looking for ways to protect your investment and get the best results. A new furnace system that is running smoothly and efficiently can make a difference for your home and help save you money.

Reasons Your Heating Bill is High

Reasons your heating bill is high and tips to save money on your heating bill. The good news is that there are several steps you can take today to reduce your heating bill, while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature this winter.

Condenser Coil Cleaning Benefits

Condenser coil cleaning benefits include increased efficiency and therefore saving you money. It is particularly important to schedule routine maintenance for your air conditioning unit before summer arrives. It helps ensure your HVAC system works well and at as efficiently as possible.

Single Stage AC vs Two Stage AC

Single stage AC vs two stage AC which one is best for you and your home? In this article we discuss pros and cons of each and how to decide if you are considering AC replacement.

Ideal Home Humidity Levels

We spend a lot of time thinking about keeping our home at ideal temperatures. What we do not often consider is keeping the home at an ideal humidity level. Just like temperature matters in keeping you comfortable at home, having the right humidity level also matters.

Questions To Ask When Replacing Furnace

Knowing what questions to ask when replacing furnace can help you choose the right investment for your home. Knowledge of different furnace types, fuel sources, and cost can help you compare between your different options.

Inefficient Furnace Warning Signs

Inefficient furnace warning signs may not be something you are familiar with. If your home has an old furnace, then it might not be as efficient as it once was. Look out for these signs that your furnace is inefficient and requires a repair or replacement.