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AC Capacitor

An ac capacitor, although small they play an essential role in your air conditioner’s daily functioning. Capacitors make it possible for your AC to operate reliably and properly.

Attic Fan

If you do not have an attic fan in your home or are not familiar with one, in this post we discuss how they work and benefits they offer.

Air Conditioning Sickness

Air conditioners can be a life saver especially during the hot summer months in the San Fernando Valley and LA. However, if not properly maintained or incorrectly used air conditioning systems can lead to “air conditioning sickness.”

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Routine AC maintenance is vital to not only keep your evaporator coil running properly but the rest of your HVAC system running efficiently as well. A dirty evaporator coil it could lead to more costly AC repair or even a full AC replacement.

HVAC Safety Tips For Children

HVAC Safety Tips: Do not overlook your home’s HVAC system when childproofing your home. The following are HVAC safety tips for children to make your home safer.

HVAC Tips: Common Myths vs HVAC Facts

Whether it is the middle of summer or winter, you want to get the most out of your HVAC system throughout the entire year. Below, we discuss common HVAC myths and offer HVAC tips so you can learn how to make better choices for your HVAC system and home.

What Is An AC Float Switch?

AC Float Switch: The purpose of an HVAC float switch, also known as a condensate overflow switch or AC safety switch, is to prevent the drip pan from overflowing if the AC drain stops working properly. Contact LA Construction Heating and Air today to install a safety switch or for AC repair.

Issues Caused By Closed Air Vents

Closed air vents can cause many issues for your HVAC system and your home. Closing vents causes your HVAC system to work overtime, leading to early HVAC damage costing you money.

How To Fix Hot Spots In Your Home

Fix Hot Spots In Your Home: Have you ever noticed areas in your home that tend to be hotter or cooler than others? The good news is that these hot spots can be corrected. Below we discuss different solutions for the hot spots in your home.

AC Short Cycling

AC short cycling means the air conditioner turns on and off before it cools your home to the set temperature on your thermostat. AC short cycling reduces AC efficiency and home comfort, raises energy bills, and leads to frequent breakdowns. Below we discuss reasons for your ac short cycling.