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Commercial HVAC Installation Los Angeles

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A dedication to total customer satisfaction is at the core of our business and every job we perform.

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Our technicians are trained, certified, background checked, uniformed, drug tested and a pleasure to work with.

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We offer fair, up-front pricing with flexible financing options on all products and service.

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Get the peace of mind you deserve! Our HVAC repair, installation and maintenance guarantees are second to none.

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With our fully stocked service vehicles we’re ready to solve your HVAC problems on the spot!

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Commercial HVAC Installation

Many business owners underestimate the significance of installation day for their commercial air conditioner's lifespan. A subpar installation can impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity of your new system. At LA Heating and Air, we offer comprehensive assistance in selecting the ideal system type, size, and cost for your business. Our skilled technicians specialize in commercial air conditioning installations, ensuring a swift and efficient setup process so you can promptly experience the comfort of your new air conditioner.
Ensure your business is equipped with HVAC systems that enhance comfort, productivity, and efficiency. Contact us today at 818-660-1062 or click above to Book Online.

Commercial air conditioner

Why Choose Us For Your New Commercial HVAC Installation

When it comes to your business's air conditioning, you need certainty, not guesswork, for installations, repairs, and maintenance. You deserve high-quality work and systems that consistently meet your expectations year-round. Our company is highly rated, licensed, fully insured full service commercial HVAC contractor offering full 1 year warranty on all repairs and installation. We install most major brands and models and are here to help you keep your business operating efficiently and increase comfort of your employees and customers.

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Call At The First Sign Of Air Conditioner Problems

Commercial HVAC installation starts with determining the commercial HVAC system that will best serve your air conditioning and heating needs. Save time, money and commercial HVAC installation confusion. Contact us today for more details or to arrange a consultation. Our experts are here to help you determine the best options available to serve all of your commercial HVAC installation needs. Our skilled technicians possess the expertise and tools necessary to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve a wide range of commercial AC and heating issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a commercial HVAC installation contractor?

It is important to always hire a licensed professional to complete your commercial HVAC installation. By taking any short cuts and possibly hiring an unlicensed person to save money you are potentially putting your commercial HVAC system at risk for inefficient running costs and costly breakdowns. Learn more.

How can I be sure to follow California requirements for HVAC installations?

Building permits enforce following building codes. Building codes are in place to ensure properties meet safety and structural standard and that the equipment is functioning properly and efficiently. When completing commercial HVAC installation be sure to hire a licensed contractor who will pull the permit from the local building and safety department. Learn more about permit requirements here.

What are some signs that I need to consider HVAC replacement instead of repairs?

If your current system has been suffering from current breakdowns or costly repairs,you have high utility bills and your system is older than 15 years it may mean it is time to consider installation rather than continue paying for repairs. Learn more.

Can I do a complete commercial HVAC installation myself?

There are some jobs you simply shouldn’t do yourself. Commercial HVAC installation is one you should leave for a licensed professional to complete. Hiring a licensed contractor can help guide you through determining if your commercial HVAC system is in need of repairs, regular maintenance or installation. Learn more.

Related Services

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning will require maintenance or repairs now and then even if you are not facing a large problem at the moment.If your system seems to be running strangely or not as efficient as usual, different parts of the part system might benefit from maintenance. Depending on the type of business or location quarterly maintenance be a requirement. Routine inspection and maintenance by a professional can help keep minor issues under control. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance plans or provide you with a custom commercial ac maintenance plan.

Commercial HVAC installation, Commercial HVAC Repair, Commercial HVAC Maintenance, Commercial Los Angeles Contractor

Commercial HVAC Repair

We understand that it takes a lot to keep a business running. The last thing you want to worry about is an HVAC system failing you when you need it the most on a hot summer day or cold winter day. To keep your employees and customers comfortable year round take notice of any warning signs your system may give you that it might need a repair before it completely breakdowns.

commercial HVAC installation, commercial ac repair

Finding a Quality HVAC Contractor

If you don’t already have an HVAC company you work with, how do you choose an HVAC contractor? Before choosing a contractor to work with ask to see their certification, ask for references and reviews, be sure to ask for written estimates and verify warranty for equipment installed. Having a trustworthy and dependable HVAC contractor can make all the difference in getting a quality installation. Learn more about Quality Installation here, and more about how to find an HVAC contractor here.  

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