How To Operate Your Commercial HVAC System On a Budget

Commercial HVAC System On A Budget

Any good business owner is always looking for ways to lower costs in reasonable ways. There are always ways to make operations more affordable. One area that can be awfully expensive is the operation of the HVAC system at your business. Luckily, there are several great ways to cut back on your expenditure for your HVAC system. In this article we discuss three ways on how to operate your commercial HVAC system on a budget.

Installing an Efficient System

Having an efficient system is a great first start to save tons of money per year on your HVAC operation. Over the years the HVAC industry has developed units that are much more efficient. If you are running an old, outdated system you are missing out on the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a new efficient system. It should also be noted that the average life span of a unit is 15-25 years. If your system is any older than that then it is almost guaranteed that is running well below its intended EER rating which is costing you a lot more every year than needed. Furthermore, an older system will most likely be running into costly commercial HVAC repairs more frequently.

Install a Smart Programmable Thermostat

It is essential that the temperature levels are comfortable during operating hours for both customers and employees. Utilizing your thermostats scheduling capability helps keep the business remain at comfortable temperatures during hours of operation and turns the system off during closed hours automatically. Many smart thermostats, like the Nest, also include energy saving settings that will limit your usage to the optimal temperature for energy savings.

Regular Maintenance

The action to take that will help operate your commercial HVAC system on a budget in the long run is to have regular maintenance performed. Even if you install a new system and you utilize a smart thermostat your system WILL NOT run at its optimal efficiency every year without maintenance. The longer a system goes without maintenance the more inefficient is will run. Not to mention the higher the risk will get for need for repairs. The same way a car needs regular care, your commercial system is exactly the same. Neglecting it on the rooftop is the quickest way to increase operating costs every year.

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

Being smart about the way you operate your system can save your business tons this year. If you are looking for an experienced contractor to help you assess how money can be saved with your HVAC system, give us a call today at 818-341-3406 or contact us online.

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