Commercial HVAC Maintenance Benefits

commercial hvac maintenance benefits

Routine maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is incredibly important to extend the lifespan and efficiency of the systems. Furthermore, it helps facility managers reduce operating costs through energy savings and less risk for costly repairs. A well-maintained system will also result in less frequent system downtime and decreased interruptions to building operations. Routine maintenance services will also ensure your business is comfortable to both your employees and customers throughout the year.  In this article we will discuss commercial HVAC maintenance benefits.

Save You Money

Oftentimes, HVAC systems are out of sight and out of mind, until something goes wrong. However, when something does go wrong with the equipment, it is too late for maintenance to be performed efficiently. In other words, reactive maintenance is the costliest way to maintain commercial HVAC systems. Maintenance agreements can significantly decrease the potential of unexpected costly emergency repairs or complete breakdowns. Without proper maintenance the building’s HVAC system can quickly deteriorate due to exposed moisture, airborne dust and debris and temperature changes. Professional maintenance agreements completed by a licensed contractor allows facility managers to understand the condition of their building equipment and plan for repairs.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Commercial HVAC maintenance is similar to vehicle maintenance. Routine vehicle maintenance extends the life of your vehicle, when neglected parts begin to fail. This is the same concept with HVAC equipment. Properly maintained HVAC equipment lasts longer and when neglected is subject to frequent repairs and premature replacement. When it comes to your business, no one wants an HVAC system to break down. It can result in unnecessary downtime, interrupted operations, loss of inventory or customers and as a result loss in revenue. We have various commercial HVAC maintenance plans to best suit your needs to help keep your equipment operating properly and efficiently for a longer lifespan.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy savings is one of the top benefits of routine maintenance. When properly maintained your HVAC system will operate properly and efficiently. If the systems are neglected the efficiency decreases and energy costs increase.  Commercial HVAC systems can make up more than 40 percent total energy use. Poorly maintained or neglected HVAC equipment can increase this percentage and result in higher energy bills. If you keep your equipment on a maintenance agreement, you will be able to keep your system running at peak performance and reduce operating costs. Furthermore, commercial HVAC equipment that is properly maintained will use at least 15 to 20 percent less energy than neglected systems. Proper routine maintenance is the only way to keep your equipment running properly and efficiently. Furthermore, equipment that is running at peak efficiency will provide better comfort for employees and customers without having to work harder and longer to achieve desired settings.

Improved Air Quality

Without a filter in place dirty coils and blower parts within the system can lead to poor indoor air quality. Increase in pollen, fungi and other debris can cause health related concerns such as increase in allergies, flu-like symptoms, and other respiratory issues. Proper maintenance includes filter replacement and reduces contaminants and pollutants to improve indoor air quality.

Peace of Mind

One of the top benefits of commercial HVAC maintenance is the peace of mind knowing that well maintained systems greatly helps minimize the risk for uncomfortable downtime. You will know that you, your employees, and customers will be kept comfortable and your business will not be negatively affected.

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