Commercial Installation/Replacement

Commercial Installation/Replacement

What To Expect

HVAC system replacement can seem daunting when it is for your place of business. You are responsible for making sure that conditions are comfortable for your employees and customers as well. The good news is that with great planning and an experienced HVAC company, the process of installation should be a breeze. By knowing what to expect during the process you can be one step ahead.


Planning for your installation is arguably one of the biggest parts of making your installation successful. Your first impulse may be to reach out directly to HVAC companies to begin collecting bids. However, if your HVAC system is a new installation plans will need to be made by a mechanical engineer so that they can figure out the load calculation for your space. This information will help the HVAC company install the correct sized unit. If your system is being replaced, the contractor should be able to give you an estimate based on the specifications of the current unit. Once you find your HVAC professional you will need to also take into consideration if there are any restrictions during hours of operation. If there are any restrictions on roof access this should also be considered.  

Contracts, Permits and Inspections

In the State of California, it is law that a contract be signed between the contractor and the customer for any jobs over $500. Once you hire your HVAC professional, they should provide you with a contract that includes the contractor and customer information, scope of work, price for the project, and payment schedule with pricing breakdown. Once this contract is signed by both parties a permit will need to be pulled from the local Department of Building & Safety. Both steps must be completed before you can lawfully begin installation. After installation is complete, a city inspection will be scheduled through your contractor with a building and safety inspector. This inspection must pass before your city permit is finalized. Once the permit is finalized the installation is legally complete.


If the project has been well planned the day of installation should go well. If a package unit is being installed or replaced the installation typically takes about 1 day. If a split unit or ducting is being installed it may take approximately 2-3 per unit. During installation, the a/c and heating will not be running until it is complete so that is an important aspect to consider during planning if your business is high traffic. Most importantly, you should expect great service from your chosen HVAC company that includes information updates, safety practices during COVID-19, and a respect for property.

Be One Step Ahead

Knowledge is power. By having knowledge of the installation process beforehand you will be one step closer to a successful installation. We believe in helping our customers stay informed every step of the way. We provide reasonably priced and professionally executed installations that will make the process feel as easy as pie for our customer. Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air today at 818-341-3406 or contact us online and schedule your free consultation!

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