No Contact Appointments

No Contact Appointments

What to Expect During Your No Contact HVAC Appointment

As a country, we have made many changes to our lifestyles to stay safe during this pandemic. Businesses have especially made adaptations for the safety of their customers and staff. One such adaptation is the implementing of no contact services. Many companies, especially essential businesses like LA Construction, Heating and Air, have offered this to their customers as a way to still make their services available with minimal risk of being infected. Many HVAC contractors have made this service available as well, so customers are not stuck with no heating or cooling in their home. The appointments do take place at the customers home many may be concerned about the exposure. By understanding what to expect, customers can feel at ease when the time comes to schedule their no contact appointments.

Technician Safety

We care about our technician’s safety as well as our customers. For that reason, we require our technicians to wear protective gear during their appointments. Yes even with no contact appointments they wear protective gear. They are required to wear gloves and a mask during the appointment which they dispose of after each appointment. They also make sure to utilize hand sanitizer throughout the process. Most importantly, we take all necessary precautions to make sure that our technicians are healthy and symptom free when they come to your home.

First Contact

Upon arrival our technician will reach out to you via phone call to let you know he has arrived. He may also request that you turn the system on or off depending on what he is checking and ask some questions pertaining to the systems service history. In order for the appointment to remain contactless it is important for the customer to be available via phone throughout the visit in case the technician needs to ask any further questions.


No contact maintenance appointments for AC can be done fairly seamless. Condensers are serviced outside of your home and filters can be left at the front door for installation by customers. Rooftop units that have the heating and cooling function (package units) can also be maintained during no contact appointments. Unfortunately, because most furnaces are located inside the home, no contact appointments are not an option for most heating maintenance, unless the furnace is located in the garage. However, keep in mind that if your furnace is located in the attic or in a hallway closet, technicians will still keep their distance throughout appointment.

Service Appointments

Service appointments may also present some difficulty when it comes to no contact appointments. If the issue with your system is entirely outside as well as the repair a no contact appointment will work. However, it is difficult to say whether or not that will be the case before the technician comes out to diagnose. For that reason, the customer should always have an awareness that for a system to be accurately diagnosed and repaired our technician may have to enter the home at some point.

Give Us A Call Today

LA Construction, Heating and Air understands the importance of doing everything possible to keep our customers and technicians healthy. That is why we will take every possible measure to make no contact appointments available to our customers. If your system needs service or maintenance give us a call at 818-341-3406 or online and try out our no contact appointments today!

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No Contact Appointments

As a country, we have made many changes to our lifestyles to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. One such adaptation is the implementing of no contact appointments for HVAC services.