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Commercial Swamp Cooler

commercial swamp cooler

How Often Should Swamp Coolers be Serviced?

A commercial kitchen needs to have an exhaust system to get rid of foul odors and hot air, but also a commercial swamp cooler to keep it cool.  A commercial swamp cooler works by evaporating water into the air. Swamp coolers distribute water through tubing to pads in the cooler. A motor then blows the cooler air into the kitchen through a duct system. They also have a water pump that keeps the water running through. It is important to note that the pump must be on as well as the fan, so the swamp cooler is not just blowing hot air out by the fan. In this article we will discuss, how important it is to keep your commercial swamp cooler serviced routinely.  

When Should Your Commercial Swamp Cooler Be Serviced?

Like with any other appliances, a commercial swamp cooler needs to be taken care of to function properly. A commercial swamp cooler needs to be serviced by a professional at the very least once every 6 months, because they system runs constantly. Locations near the beach may need to be serviced more often due to the salt water. If you are not sure check the manual or with the manufacturer for guidance. A neglected system will perform poorly. Commercial swamp coolers need routine maintenance to help keep vital components clean and in good condition, to ensure the system runs correctly at maximum efficiency and to maintain warranty. Furthermore, regular HVAC maintenance can reduce the risk of malfunction by catching potential problems early helping prevent costly damage.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance Checklist

1. Clean the Outside of the Unit

The exterior of the unit should be kept clean for several reasons. Most importantly keep in mind most of the exterior of the unit is used for air intake. This means it can easily become clogged with debris, dust, and other contaminants. Keeping it clean will keep the unit function properly and efficiently, while also keep the contaminants from entering the unit.  It is really important to ensure the swamp cooler is bringing in clean air into the kitchen.  

2. Check the Cooling Pads and Replace

The condition of the cooling pads is essential for proper cooling as it is where all the evaporative cooling happens. The cooling pads must be kept in the best possible condition as possible. If you notice they are not clean or are cracked replace them immediately to reduce any potential breakdown requiring AC repair. The regular recommendation is to replace them at the start of summer and then again mid-season.

3. Use Water Treatment Tablets

Since there is a constant flow of water it is easy for mineral deposits to form on the inside of the tank. The chances of this happening are higher if there is “hard” water. In this case water softening tablets can get rid of any mineralization. Water treatment tablets can also help avoid decay to freshen up the cool air coming out.

4. Clean the Water Reservoir

The condition of the water tank has a direct impact on the indoor air quality. If the tank is dirty with algae or any other microorganisms this will have a negative impact on the quality of air the swamp cooler produces. It is important to clean out the tank at the start of the cooling season by draining out all the water, cleaning the tank and then refilling. This will improve the efficiency of your swamp cooler, but also improve the indoor air quality. Also, always maintain the proper water levels in the tank so your commercial swamp cooler can operate properly.

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

Commercial swamp coolers require routine maintenance especially at the start of summer to ensure it works properly through the summer season. Routine maintenance also helps reduce the need for unnecessary or costly repairs. As a business owner you can do some simple checks on your system in between professional inspections as mentioned above. If you want to schedule a thorough check of your units give us a call today or contact us online, we are here to help you.

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