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Signs of A Trustworthy HVAC Company

signs of a trustworthy HVAC company

If your furnace has stopped working, then you may be in search of a trustworthy HVAC company to complete furnace repair. What do you do in this case? Choose the first company that pops up? When looking for a service company choosing at random is not the best way to proceed. Not all HVAC companies are trustworthy and dedicated to their customers like LA Construction, Heating and Air. Dishonest HVAC contractors can cause homeowners unnecessary headaches and could cost you more money in the long run. You may have heard some of these horror stories and want to do your best to stay away from these for your furnace repair. In this article we will discuss signs of a trustworthy HVAC company so you can do your best in finding an honest contractor for your HVAC system.

Do Some Research

You will be able to find any reputable company online via their website or social media. A website will be able to provide you with more information on the HVAC company. You will also be able to find them on google and they will have reviews. Be wary of any companies who do not have an online presence.

Read Online Reviews

Before choosing an HVAC company take the time to look at their reviews. Reading through their reviews on google, facebook and yelp is a good place to start. Some companies will also feature reviews on their website. Keep in mind that mistakes happen so don’t get too hung up one bad review. Everyone’s needs are different, and an individual customer may be unhappy with the service provided for one reason or another. Better to look for patterns in their reviews.

Ask For References

Online reviews are helpful, but you should also be talking to your friends, family, or neighbors for recommendations. Another good idea would be to contact the HVAC company and ask for references. Consider going to a different company if they are reluctant to provide this information.

Check Their License

It is important to take a look at the licenses an HVAC company has. All HVAC companies are required in CA to have a license in order to do business. In CA you can check CSLB to verify a companies license and whether it is active or not.

Do Not Accept the Lowest Estimate

A common mistake some homeowners make sometimes is choosing the contractor who provided the least expensive estimate. We understand that you want to save money, but higher estimates do not always mean the company is overcharging you. Chances are that a company that provides the lowest bid is cutting corners elsewhere such as using cheap parts or service and hiring these companies can come with consequences. Overall, the cheaper the estimate the more likely you are to get low-quality work.

Obtain Written Estimates

Beware of contractors who give you an estimate over the phone without a site visit. Before agreeing to any job, request a written quote for the work to be performed. A trustworthy HVAC company will be as thorough as possible upfront, with no hidden charges later. Avoid using an HVAC company who tries to rush into making a decision, a trustworthy HVAC company will take no as an answer with no hesitation to allow you to shop around for quotes or get a second opinion.

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

Take the time to look for a contractor you can count on when your HVAC system is working and not when you are in the middle of an emergency. It would be a good idea to also put together a list of other contractors you may need such as plumbers and electricians. Our priority is to provide education so you can make the best decision for your needs. Give us a call today or contact us online we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and have technicians ready to help you. We offer free replacement consultations and also offer HVAC repair.

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