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8 Signs It Is Time For A New Furnace

new furnace

The typical gas furnace will last about 15 to 20 years. If you notice your gas furnace is struggling to keep you comfortable in your home, it may be time for furnace replacement. In this article we will discuss the signs it is time for a new furnace. The more signs from this list you notice with your own furnace the more likely it is that you need a new furnace.

Furnace Age

If you are like most homeowner’s, the furnace was already in place when you moved into your home which may mean it is at the end of its lifespan. Not only will an older furnace have lower efficiency ratings, but it could be a safety hazard as well. You can check the age by checking the manual or by looking at the serial number of the unit. The average furnace will last about 15-20 years, but it also depends on maintenance and usage.

Frequent Repairs

Take a look at how often you have contacted a professional for furnace repair. Furnaces mostly incur a lot of repairs in the last few years of their lifespan. If you have had frequent furnace repairs, then it is likely time for furnace replacement. Costly repairs may not be worth it in the long run when you can replace your furnace with a new more efficient system.

Rising Energy Bills

Increase in your energy bills is another sign that your system is inefficient. Although high energy bills could be caused by various issues, if you have scheduled routine maintenance for your system and your usage has not significantly increased then your bill should not increase drastically. This is due to wear and tear on the interior components of the furnace, causing your furnace to work overtime to achieve your desired temperature. Instead of paying more in energy bills consider using the money towards a new more energy efficient furnace.

Strange Sounds

Have you noticed your furnace producing unusual noises while in operation? Older furnaces tend to make strange sounds at the end of their lifespan. Noises such as rattling, popping, humming, or screeching could indicate major furnace issues and are signs it is time for a new furnace.

Excessive Dust or Soot

If you notice an excess amount of dust no matter how much you clean it could be a sign your furnace is not removing particles while in operation. A properly functioning furnace will filter out these particles, so first check the air filter and if necessary clean or replace it. We recommend replacing your filter at least every 3 months more often if you suffer from allergies, own pets, or constantly use your system. A clean air filter helps maintain air quality and a properly functioning and efficient system. Soot buildup can be commonly found near the furnace register and grille, a common sign to replace your furnace since it could indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

Uneven/No Heating  

A malfunctioning furnace can lose the ability to evenly distribute heat in your home or may not even heat your home at all. An older furnace will no longer be able to distribute heat properly.  If you can rule out a faulty thermostat, it is most likely your furnace. Contact a professional to determine the issue.

Yellow Flame

A yellow flame is indicative of fuel not burning cleanly and efficiently as it should and could be a sign that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. A properly functioning furnace will produce a clean blue flame. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless highly toxic gas and exposure can be deadly. If you notice a flame color other than blue immediately give us a call and do not run your furnace.

Constant Cycling

A furnace that constantly cycles on and off during operation or runs all the time to reach set temperature it is a clear sign that it is not working as it should. Any cycling that makes you wonder if it is working as it should, track its pattern and contact a professional.

Give LA Construction, Heating and Air a Call Today!

If year after year you are constantly calling for heat repair, consider replacing your furnace. New furnaces offer highly greater efficiency than the older models and can save you money on your monthly energy bills so gradually you can recoup the cost of a new unit. Of course, keep in mind the furnace must be installed correctly, it will not help save you money if it is installed incorrectly. Contact us today at 818-341-3406 or online for furnace repair, routine furnace maintenance, or furnace replacement. We understand how important it is to have properly functioning furnace to not only stay warm and comfortable and your home, but to keep your family safe.

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