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Why Choose Licensed HVAC Contractor

Why Choose Licensed HVAC Contractor

HVAC issues during the peak of summer or winter are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Your first thought may be to save money and call a handyman, but your HVAC is a critical home component you do not want to skimp on. Whether you need HVAC replacement, emergency services or routine maintenance your best option would be to partner with a licensed and insured HVAC contractor for the highest quality service. While you may want to choose the cost-effective option in the short run, they do not have the required training and expertise and could potentially damage your HVAC system which would cost more in the long run. In this article we discuss why you should always choose a licensed HVAC Contractor.

Licensed Contractors are Insured

A licensed contractor will meet the requirement to carry insurance which provides an extra peace of mind and protection for customers in the event of any unfortunate events that leave you with issues during a project. If anything occurs, it would be the contractor’s liability insurance rather than your own homeowner’s policy that would cover the damages. Besides liability insurance, licensed contractors also carry workman’s compensation insurance. If one of the contractor’s workers gets injured while completing work on your HVAC system, you will not be held responsible. Hiring an unlicensed worker that becomes injured while on the job opens the possibility of you being sued. Not only would you be liable for their medical bill, but you could be forced to pay any lost wages.

Licensed Contractor has Earned the Licensed

Licensed contractors have extensive training and experience. Due to the nature of HVAC equipment, extensive education and training is required to earn an HVAC license.  This can assure they are knowledgeable and have the necessary skills to complete HVAC repair, maintenance or HVAC replacement/installation. If you hire an unlicensed technician, you cannot prove they are skilled or competent to complete any HVAC service they say they do.

Licensed Contractors Uphold Standards and Regulations

Every state has specific laws for how HVAC contractors repair and install HVAC systems. Licensed experts must uphold certain standards and are always up to date with regulations and building codes and know which work requires permits. Once they earn a license they cannot ignore the licensing body. An unlicensed technician may ignore these guidelines putting your safety at risk and may cost you more money down the line. For the state of California, you may check if a contractor has current license on CSLB website.

Licensed Contractors Offer Warranty Protection

There are high risks that come when working with an unlicensed contractor and of those includes voiding your HVAC warranty. For a manufacturer to honor your warranty, it is a requirement that only a licensed contractor handle repair and maintenance service. On the other hand, a licensed contractor has the knowledge to work with different brands and use factory approved equipment without voiding your warranty.

Licensed Contractor Ensures Safety and Efficiency

A professional, licensed technician will give you the peace of mind that any HVAC service whether it be repair, maintenance or installation will be done effectively and efficiently. Consider what would happen if you were to choose an unlicensed technician who does a less than decent job before your HVAC stops working again and you have to pay even more money to have it fixed. Instead of worrying about the quality of the work received you can ensure you are receiving the best service with a licensed professional. Furthermore, licensed contractors’ vet their employees. LA Construction, Heating and Air also conducts drug screenings and background checks to verify customer safety. To find a licensed professional ask for referrals, research reviews and do not forget to check for active license and insurance.

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

For high quality service contact LA Construction, Heating and Air a licensed professional with experience for your HVAC needs. We have the knowledge to deal with potential hazards that comes with HVAC systems to ensure you and your family’s safety.  The next time you are in need of AC repair, or heating repair or would like to schedule routine maintenance, give us a call at 818-341-3406 or contact us online we are here to help.

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