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Split System Relocation

split system relocation

How Difficult is Split System Relocation?

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish that noisy furnace could be somewhere farther away from my tv” or “I really need to move my condenser a couple of feet over so it can benefit from the shade of my big tree”? You may have pushed it away as a crazy idea, but split system relocation is actually a common request and a very viable option for many. For some, the process is not overly complicated and even cost efficient. For others it can be complex and expensive. There are multiple factors that determine what category your split system relocation would go under.


Condensers are probably the most common request for relocation. Sometimes customers just need them temporarily moved due to renovations or sometimes they are moved to new permanent positions. Condensers can be removed and reinstalled fairly quickly depending on the new location that it is being placed. But do not let that fool you. Disconnecting, moving, and reinstalling a condenser is fairly complex with a lot of critical factors. The refrigerant must be drained by an EPA certified technician. When moved care must be taken to not bend or misshapen the copper lines. Once the unit is reinstalled back in its proper place, it must be refilled again with refrigerant and be adjusted to proper levels. There are certain factors that may also call for additions or changes to be made in order for the new location to be compatible with the unit like, uneven ground and farther reaches for copper, drain and electrical lines.


Furnaces can also be complex to relocate. The reason being that furnaces are located inside the home, so relocating usually means to a completely different part of the house which is a lot more work. Common reasons people want to relocate their furnace are that their current location is too close to the main living area and too noisy or due to renovations. The simplest scenario when moving a furnace is from closet to a garage/basement space or vice versa. The most complex is moving any furnace on ground or basement level to the attic space. Most times in that case you would have to change the type of furnace you have from horizontal to vertical (or the other way around). This would cost thousands more because the customer is basically be paying for a new installation of a unit.

No matter how complex the job may be removing any part of the split system is something can be done. More importantly it is something that can and should be done with the help of professionals. Many aspects can only be done safely and legally by licensed professionals. Having the wisdom and guidance of an experienced HVAC professional assures that you will get the most cost efficient and quality plan for moving your split system. If you are considering moving your split system but do not know where to start, give LA Construction, Heating and Air a call today at 818-341-3406 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation!

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