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Costly Heating Mistakes

costly heating mistakes

As the temperatures start to drop many are turning their furnaces on for the first time this season. We all want ways to lower our monthly expenses especially when it comes to heating our homes this winter since it accounts for the largest part of the utility bill. In your efforts to save money you may come across tips that can in reality be costly heating mistakes. In this article we will review a few the most common costly heating mistakes that are not effective at all in saving you money.

Closing Vents and Doors

Do not close off doors or vents to rooms that are not being used. It might make sense to close the vents off thinking it would lead to your furnace having to run less. However, the opposite would be true. Closing vents and doors would put extra pressure on your system and restrict airflow.  Furnaces pull air from your home to then heat it and return it to the home via the ductwork. The less vents that are open, the more difficult it will be for the furnace to pull air from the rooms. Furthermore, as the furnace tries to push air out of the vents the buildup of pressure in the ductwork can lead to unnecessary stress on the blower and even shorten the lifespan of your system. The best practice is to leave vents and doors open to allow the system proper airflow.

Raising the Temperature

Cranking up the thermostat does not lead to your home heating up more quickly. A higher set temperature will only cause your furnace to run longer resulting in a higher utility bill. Longer run times will only lead to extra wear and tear and shorter furnace lifespan.

Neglecting Routine Furnace Maintenance

Your HVAC system needs routine maintenance to keep it working properly and efficiently. This is not something you want to ignore to do. Not only will it help keep your utility costs down, but regular checks can help minimize any small issue does not result in a costly repair or replacement. The easiest step a homeowner can make is checking and replacing the air filters. A dirty air filter restricts air flow and makes your furnace work harder.

Ignoring Leaks and Gaps

Don’t let heat escape through gaps. Check all doors and windows for any drafts. Not only will cold air come into your home but the leaks will also allow the heated air to escape. Seal and caulk any areas where you feel a cold draft, even locking windows is essential to put a tight seal on them.

Leaving Exhaust Fans On

Turn off exhaust fans in both your kitchen and bathroom as soon as you are done using them. You definitely do not want to leave them on too long or you run the risk of also pumping warm air out of your home.

Turning Your Furnace On and Off

Invest a programmable or smart thermostat to set a schedule for your furnace. Set it to run your furnace at a lower temperature when everyone is away from home or sleeping. You can also set it to turn on before you arrive. The right thermostat settings can help save you money.

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

Give our experts a call today at 818-341-3406 or contact us online we are here to help you with any furnace questions you may have. Avoiding the costly heating mistakes mentioned will not only improve your comfort, but also help ensure your furnace works properly and efficiently. As we mentioned we also highly recommend scheduling routine furnace maintenance or give us a call if you are in need of furnace repair or replacement.

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