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What Is an Attic Fan?

If you have a home with an attic you are aware of how hot it can get in the summer. Heat rises and becomes trapped in the attic and without proper ventilation the heat remains in the attic with nowhere to go. During the hot summer months, it is possible for the temperature in your attic to exceed 150 degrees. Imagine how much impact the attic temperature has on the temperature in the rest of your home. Attic fans offer proper ventilation to cool down your attic and lessen the load on your air conditioner. An attic fan is a fan installed in the gable vent on the outer wall of your attic. It draws hot, humid air out of your attic and pushes it outside. Attic fans can lower the temperature in your attic by as much as 50 degrees, which has a powerful impact on the rest of your HVAC system and especially beneficial for homes with swamp coolers. A cooler attic means your AC system is better able to maintain your desired temperature. If you do not have an attic fan in your home or are not familiar with one, below we discuss how they work and benefits they offer.

Benefits of Attic Fans

·        Decreased Temperature In Living Areas

As mentioned above the temperature in your attic can reach 150 degrees or higher. With the help of an attic fan, especially during the hottest parts of the day, the attic temperature can decrease up to 50 degrees.For the rest of your home and living areas this means the temperature could decrease about 10 degrees. It may even help prevent air conditioning repairs by reducing the overall strain on your system on an especially hot day.

·        Lower Air Conditioning Expenses

As a result of attic fans decreasing the temperature inside your home, you could run your air conditioning less cutting your cooling expenses. Attic fans do not cost a lotto operate, some models come with thermostats while others can even run off solar power saving you more.

·        Extended Roof Life

Heat and humidity in your attic is the number one cause form old growth and other issues. A hot attic can transfer the heat to the roof with the potential to cause shingles and other roofing material to wear prematurely.With adequate ventilation provided by the attic fan, there will be less moisture in your attic resulting in a roof that lasts significantly longer.

Should I Install An Attic Fan?

If your home currently has natural ventilation and at minimum R-19 ceiling insulation an attic fan would not make a considerable difference.This is because proper insulation reduces the effectiveness of the attic fan.Also keep in mind that fans can also lead to increase loss of conditioned air if the attic is not properly sealed and appropriate soffit vent space. Furthermore,lower end models user higher watts of electricity potentially increasing electricity costs. If you have attic insulation that is less than R-19, an attic floor that is air sealed, enough soffit vent space, and HVAC equipment that is well insulated and sealed then you may find an attic fan effective for your home.

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