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Why You Should Schedule An Annual Furnace Tune Up

annual furnace tune up

As the weather begins to cool down, most homeowners know that an annual furnace tune up is recommended. However, few homeowners realize just how important it is to get it done. It is recommended to get your heating system tuned up by a qualified professional before you turn it on for the season. Don’t delay your annual furnace tune up until it is too late and your furnace completely breaks down or needs a costly repair. An annual furnace tune up is important to the efficiency of your system and can help ensure the safety of your home and family.

What Is A Furnace Tune Up?

What is included in a furnace tune up will vary from company to company. Most often it is a checklist a trained professional will follow to clean, inspect and test your furnace. Essentially it will prep your furnace for the colder months. Most furnace tune ups will include checking for proper operation and cleaning various components.

Ensures Furnace is Ready For Winter

During a furnace tune up a qualified professional will inspect your furnace to make sure it is functioning properly. While this is reason enough to schedule an annual furnace tune up, it is also important to get it checked before winter. Especially before you need to use your furnace on a cold winter day. A technician will be able to spot any minor problems before they become dangerous or lead to a complete system breakdown.

Keeps Your Family and Home Safe

An annual furnace maintenance can help keep your family and home safe. In order to produce heat, a furnace will burn fuel. It is important to verify that the combustion process is precise to maintain efficiency and safety. An unchecked furnace can have a small issue that can lead to a gas or carbon monoxide leak. A carbon monoxide leak is harder to detect without the help of a professional because the gas is colorless and odorless. By scheduling an annual furnace tune up you can help catch any potential safety risks and give yourself the peace of mind that your furnace is safe to run this winter.

Reduces the Need for Repairs

Some furnace issues can easily be prevented with regular maintenance. A furnace tune up doesn’t only include cleaning furnace components, but it also helps detect small issues that can potentially become costly repairs or replacement. Furthermore, it is better to schedule a furnace tune up before your furnace has any issues and leaves you without heat on a cold winter day.

Saves You Money

A furnace tune up will cost you money, but in the long run can save you money by ensuring your furnace is working properly and efficiently. If you tend to neglect your furnace you may end up spending more money on a major repair or even having to replace the furnace itself. A furnace tune up can also lead to savings on your monthly energy bills. Although, a furnace that is not regularly maintained can still run it may be working harder to heat your home leading to higher energy bills. A furnace tune up includes cleaning its components and making sure connections are operating properly. A furnace tune up can help ensure that energy isn’t being wasted to heat your home.

Improves Energy Efficiency

A furnace tune up will include the cleaning and inspection of the burners and heat exchanger. This will help ensure safe operation and keep your furnace running efficiently and therefore use less energy. Even more so if you have a programmable or smart thermostat. A simple step you can take is changing your filters. A clean filter will help with proper airflow which overall decreases strain on the furnace and need for repairs.

Helps Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most warranties will require regular maintenance of the equipment. If you ever need to submit a warranty claim most companies will require maintenance records. Spending a bit of time and money on annual furnace tune up can help prevent any unwanted issues down the line.

Give us A Call

Give us a call today at (818) 341-3406 to schedule your annual furnace tune up. A regularly maintained furnace can help your family safe and save you money in the long run.

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