Signs You May Need HVAC System Maintenance

HVAC system maintenance

Many homeowners do not give their HVAC system much attention throughout the year until something is not working properly. However, regularly scheduled HVAC system maintenance is important to keep your system working properly and efficiently as possible. At the very least a bi-annual maintenance plan, once for heating in the fall and once for cooling in the spring can help your system work smoothly all year long. If you have never had a tune up or it has been a while, below are signs you may need HVAC system maintenance.

It Has Been More Than A Year Since Your Last Tune-Up

If it has been more than a year since your last tune-up or you cannot remember when you last had one, we recommend scheduling a maintenance visit soon. For an HVAC system to operate efficiently at the very least they require inspections twice a year. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help detect small issues early on before they become a costly repair. Most importantly they can help ensure a properly and efficiently working system. It may seem like you are saving money by skipping maintenance visits, but the truth they can actually help save you money. Do not wait until something goes wrong with your system to set up a maintenance plan. We recommend home and business owners invest in a HVAC system maintenance plan.

Higher Than Normal Bills

It is normal for your electricity bill to be higher when you use your HVAC system the most in the middle of winter and summer. However, if you notice higher than normal costs or unexplained increases, it is likely that your system is not working as efficiently as it should. If you notice any sudden changes in your energy costs it is a good idea to contact your HVAC technician to schedule a tune-up. A properly working system can lead to energy savings and will not cause sudden increases on your bill.

Low Air Flow

If you turn your air conditioner on and find that there is low or no air coming out, then it is time to schedule a tune-up. Poor air flow can be a sign of issues with the ac so it is best to have a professional inspect your system.

Frequent Issues and Repairs

Most systems will not breakdown without a warning all at once. Instead, you will notice frequent issues with the system. If you are experiencing a constant need for repairs, schedule a HVAC system maintenance. A professional can guide you through the on best course of action for you and your system, whether it is a simple repair or complete replacement.

You Hear Unusual Sounds Coming From Your HVAC System

It is best not to ignore any unusual sounds coming from your HVAC system. Loud unexplained noises could be symptoms of a larger issue with your system. A properly working HVAC system should be quiet, provide even temperature distribution and not emit any odd odors. Any of these symptoms should be addressed promptly by a professional technician to avoid any costly repairs down the line. Schedule a HVAC system maintenance as soon as possible to avoid any serious breakdowns.

Reduced HVAC Efficiency

Signs of reduced HVAC efficiency are longer running times and frequent cycling. Another indicator of reduced efficiency would be noticeable discrepancies between the thermostat and how your home feels. If your ac has to run all day to keep your home cool or your heater is running all night to keep the house warm, schedule an HVAC system maintenance.

You Have An Older HVAC System

The lifespan of an HVAC system can be greatly increased with proper maintenance. It is important to regularly schedule HVAC system maintenance, but especially true if you have an older system.

If you are aware of the signs above you can ensure your HVAC system continues to work properly and efficiently throughout the year and especially when you need it the most. Scheduling HVAC system maintenance may not be something you always keep in mind, but it is important for various reasons. Regularly scheduled HVAC system maintenance will help ensure your home stays comfortable and can help save you money in the long run on repairs and utility bills. Give us a call today at (818) 341-3406 or contact us online to schedule a tune-up or sign up for a maintenance plan. We will provide you with the service you need to ensure your system is there for you when you need it the most. To learn more about other services we offer, please visit our homepage here.

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