Dirty Vents

dirty vents

Why Are My Vents Dirty?

Many people include dusting as a part of their cleaning routine. If you find that you are dusting around your vents more often and continuously have to wipe them clean, it may be an indicator of a larger issue. Dirty vents can range from light dust to heavy black streaks that even extend to your ceiling. If you find you are dealing with this more often than normal than you may be dealing with one of the following issues.

Humidity Levels: Too High or Too Low

Those thick black streaks around your vents, believe or not, are likely coming from the dust in the room and not the air conditioning system. Part of the air conditioning and heating system is to pull air from rooms too. When the air is being pulled into the ducts the dust from the air also passes through. Dust can cake on the vent if the humidity levels are too low because dust is more attracted to dry surfaces. If the air is too humid the dust becomes thick and creates those black streaks. Even worse, sometimes the black debris is not dirt or dust, but mold. High humidity levels in your home can also cause mold to grow around the vent as well.

High Level of Pollutants in Home

Like mentioned above, unfortunately the dirt you see caked around your vent is coming from the air in your home. Many people focus on outdoor pollutants and forget about the pollutants we bring into our own homes like smoke, human and pet dander/hair, pollen (brought in on shoes and clothing) etc. So, chances are if you notice your vents are becoming covered in debris more frequently it could be due to an increase in your in-home pollutants.  There are many ways to approach an issue with dirty vents. Some opt to have duct cleaning done, although it does not ultimately solve your issue with dirty vents since the dirt is coming from inside the home and not the duct system. You also have the option to not change anything and just make sure you consistently clean your vent. The issue with that is the knowledge that your air quality in your home is probably poor. So, in addition to cutting down on household pollutants it is also good to make sure your filtration in your home is in good condition. You can achieve this by having regular maintenance completed on your HVAC system, making sure to use quality filters, and/or installing an iWave or Air Scrubber by Aerus. If you need help deciding what filtration solution is best for your home or business, contact LA Construction, Heating and Air. Call us at 818-341-3406 or contact us online, we are here to help you! 

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