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Buying A New AC?

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Features to Look For To Purchase Energy Efficient Air Conditioner  

Your air conditioning system uses more energy during the summer than many other appliances do during the entire year. It makes sense why homeowners are always looking for new ways to save money and conserve energy with high efficiency appliances to reduce energy consumption at home. One of the best ways to reduce your electric bills is through the installation of a new high-efficiency AC. There are a few key features to look for when buying a new AC that will help keep your energy bills low.

High SEER and EER

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating and EER stands for energy efficiency ratio. SEER measures how well an AC converts electricity into cooling power seasonally, rather than year-round. EER measures the ratio of output cooling energy to input electrical energy during operation.  The higher the EER the more efficient your system is. Keep in mind that even if you have an AC with 15 SEER, overtime the efficiency declines especially if it is over a decade old and has not been regularly maintained. Upgrading to a new high-efficiency system can help save you money on electric bills in the long run.

Properly Sized for Your Home

To benefit from high efficiency features the AC must be properly sized for your home. Too large of a system will cool your home but leave it feeling damp and clammy. A system that is too small will have to work longer to maintain the desired temperature resulting in higher electricity bills. This is probably the most important factor to consider when installing a new air conditioner.

Energy Saving Feature

Another feature to look for when purchasing a new AC is an energy saving setting. This means your unit will turn off the compressor and the fan once the space has cooled off, saving additional energy.

Energy Star Certification

Look for the energy star certification when deciding which new AC to purchase for your home. The certification means that the unit has met or exceeded higher efficiency standards similar to other ac units. If your current ac is wasting energy and has a lower rated SEER consider replacing with a new AC that has an Energy Star certification.

Programmable Thermostat

When upgrading to a new AC system also upgrade your thermostat especially if it is an older model. A lot of the thermostats today have programmable settings so that you can program thermostat according to your schedule. You can also look into wi-fi enabled thermostats that allow you to have even more control with the capability to adjust when you are away from home on your smartphone.

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