Washable AC Filters

washable ac filter

Pros and Cons

One component of an HVAC system that has many options to choose from is the air filter. The options vary in size, material, filtration, and pricing giving you a large range to choose from. One of the options available for your system are washable filters. Some systems already come with washable filters installed but they also work with units that do not. If you are interested in washable filters for your system or would like to know more about the ones you already have, check out the list below of pros and cons.


The first benefit of washable filters, that is worth mentioning, is that you only have a one-time purchase. One washable filter can last the entire lifespan of your system. Another pro is the convenience of being able to clean it as often as you need rather than going to the store and having multiple backups. Washable filters are also more environmentally friendly than disposable ones. Lastly, most washable filters come with a lifetime warranty.


Though washable filters have many great attributes, some may find them to be more of an inconvenience than a convenience. Even though you only have to purchase them once, as opposed to regularly like a disposable, there is an investment upfront of over $100 the majority of the time. Also, a washable filter is more time consuming to maintain than a disposable one. A disposable one only takes a quick swap out. While a proper cleaning of a washable filter can take around 15 minutes (not including dry time). Another thing to consider is that often the material of the washable filter is not as breathable. This will cause restriction in the air flow and will make your system work harder, which in the long run will make your system more prone to repairs and higher electricity cost. Keep in mind if your system comes with a washable filter already installed, most times you cannot replace it with a disposable one.

If after you read this list, you decide you want to replace your disposable filter with a washable one there are a couple of things you will need. First make sure that your system is compatible with a washable filter. You will want to check the manual for your system as you should only use filters that are okay to use with your HVAC system. Then, take the measurements of your current filter size. You will need to do research on what brands best suite your needs. Lastly, you should enlist the help of a great HVAC contractor. If you are looking to change to washable filters and would like some more information call us today! Contact LA Construction Heating and Air online or you may call us at 818-341-3406 we are here to help.

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