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Signs You Need AC Repair

signs you need ac repair

With summer here, has your AC been able to keep up and keep you cool and comfortable in your home?  Most of the time your system will indicate there is an AC issue before it breaks down. It is best not to postpone AC repair, because it will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your system and possibly lead to a complete breakdown. How do you know if your system needs extra attention? In this article we discuss signs you need AC repair.

Lack of Cool Air

An AC that is blowing hot air, can make your life unbearable on a hot summer day. Restricted airflow, faulty compressor, or low refrigerant levels may be to blame. It could also be a result of the fan not working and if the fan is not transferring hot air to the outside, this could cause your compressor to overheat and cause catastrophic AC damage that could lead to AC replacement. These are issues we can repair, give us a call to schedule AC repair rather than attempt DIY fixes. Not taking care of this can lead to bigger AC issues and costly repairs.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a term used to describe an AC unit that does not complete a cooling cycle. While you can expect your AC to run more frequently during the summer, it should not constantly turn on and off. A short cycling AC will make it harder to stay cool and comfortable in your home. Short cycling can often be caused by a clogged air filter due to lack of maintenance, refrigerant leak, or AC electrical issue.

Strange Odors

If you notice any unpleasant odors from your HVAC system, you will want to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Strange odors may indicate burned electrical, wiring issues, mold. Strange odors will always require the attention of an air conditioner expert.

Unusual Noises

Air conditioning systems will make low level noise at start up and when they shut down and fairly quiet during operation. However, loud, unusual, rattling, buzzing noises can signal a bigger issue with your AC system. The sooner you address the issue the better for your system.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow signifies you need AC repair or maintenance. It could be something as simple as a clogged filter but could signal a faulty compressor, or other worn components. The only way to know is to hire a professional for AC repair.

High Indoor Humidity

Excess humidity in your home is a signal of AC trouble. Your air conditioner is responsible for moderating indoor humidity levels automatically. High humidity levels not only leaves your home feeling stuffy but can encourage mold growth.

Increased Energy Costs

If your AC usage has not increased, but your bills have increased that means your system is not working efficiently. Lack of efficiency due to age or faulty parts forces your unit to work harder it should. Short cycling is one of the main causes for high energy bills.

Electrical Issues

If you find yourself resetting the breaker for the AC often, then you may have an electrical issue. It is possible your AC was either installed incorrectly, or there are other problems with the connections to the equipment. Either way electrical issues should be high on your priority for AC repair service. Electrical issues not only can affect your AC system, but can pose a safety risk to your home as well.

Excess Moisture or Ice Near your AC

If you notice excess moisture or leaks around your system this indicates an AC issue. Somethings this could be a minor issue with drain line, but you will want to get it fixed to prevent creating an environment for mold growth. It could also be a sign of something more serious such as a refrigerant leak which you will want to take care of right away to avoid a complete breakdown. Even worse would be to see ice forming on any of the AC components including the evaporator coil. This is not an issue that will correct itself, you will need to call for professional AC repair.

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

If you suspect you need AC repair, give us a call today or contact us online. We have experience fixing AC systems with quality parts and will provide you with a reliable, honest opinion to extend the life of your equipment. If you are unsure if the symptoms you are experiencing with your AC require AC repair give us a call to schedule a diagnostic. The longer you wait to call for AC service the worse the issue can become. The sooner you call for AC repair, the less chance you have of the problem escalating to a complete system breakdown leading to AC replacement. We are here to help you stay cool and comfortable in your home this summer.

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