Why you Should Repair Your Furnace

why you should repair your furnace

Although Los Angeles may have milder winters in comparison to other parts of the US, many homeowners rely on their home heating systems to keep their homes warm in the cooler months. Your furnace is a critical component of your home and is responsible for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. The furnace also contributes to the air quality and efficiency of your home. The easiest best way to ensure your heating system performs reliably and efficiently when you need it the most is by having it serviced at least once a year and repaired promptly. In this article we will discuss why you should repair your furnace and some of the benefits of furnace repair and furnace maintenance.

Save Energy

It is possible a neglected system will still run, but it will exponentially work harder to raise and keep your home at a comfortable temperature which means it will use more energy than it should. A yearly furnace maintenance will ensure your air filters are clean, test for any loose connections, cleanliness and more. If you notice a higher than usual energy bill than most likely your furnace would benefit from furnace maintenance.  

Lower Repair Costs

It is important to make timely heater repairs and inspections, so you ensure it is working properly and efficiently. If your furnace is constantly overworking, the more noticeable the wear and tear will be on its components resulting in more frequent breakdowns. Timely servicing helps detect small issues early on before they become catastrophic, highly expensive, lead to other components failing or a complete breakdown possibly requiring furnace replacement. Taking care of your furnace before it breaks down helps you save in the longer term.

Improved Indoor Comfort

You should have some knowledge of your furnace and some warning signs to look out for. Strange, unusual sounds, strange odors, rapid cycling are just a few of the signs to look out for. Some issues are more severe than others but could eventually cause your furnace to stop heating your home. It is best not to wait until your furnace stops working completely to schedule for furnace repair.

Longer Lifespan

If you want your furnace to last a long time, like all types of mechanical machinery needs routine maintenance. It is also equally important to call for furnace repair at the first sign of trouble than to neglect or ignore the issue.  A system that is working harder than it should will lead to unnecessary wear and tear, and premature failure leading to furnace replacement. Routine maintenance can keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently for at least 10-15 years or longer if well taken care of.

Better Air Quality

It is important to change your air filters often. They are responsible for collecting dust, pet dander, pollen, and other contaminants. If you continuously use the same filter and allow dust, debris and other pollutants to build up on the filter it will eventually make its way into the home through your ducts causing discomfort and other issues. Increased number of allergens in the air can worsen allergies and cause symptoms such as coughing, sneezing among other respiratory ailments. Clogged air filters will also reduce your system’s efficiency and put unnecessary strain on the system. Change your filter often for improved indoor air quality and fewer furnace repairs.

Maintain Furnace Safety

In order for the system to operate as efficiently and safely as possible your furnace should be serviced at a minimum once a year. Contact us if you notice any concerning signs with your furnace and you will have more peace of mind as you use your furnace throughout the winter. If you neglect your furnace, you will not know if its malfunctioning leading to a complete breakdown. Routine inspections also check for carbon monoxide leaks.  

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

If you suspect you need furnace repair or furnace maintenance, give us a call today or contact us online. With routine furnace maintenance and prompt furnace repair, you get proper peace of mind when using your furnace. Our technicians will ensure that your furnace is functioning properly and efficiently as possible to meet all your comfort needs.

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