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Tips To Follow To Save Money On HVAC Repair

Save Money On HVAC Repair

HVAC repair is often an inevitable part of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Just like a car, your HVAC system also requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep it running properly and efficiently. Furthermore, if you tend to neglect periodic maintenance of your HVAC system then you might end up paying a lot more for repairs. To save money and keep your HVAC system running like it should it’s important to take preventive steps to avoid major HVAC issues or a complete breakdown of the system. The following are tips to follow to save money on HVAC repair.

Replace Your HVAC Filters

It is important to regularly change your HVAC filters. A good rule of thumb to follow is to replace them at least once every 3 months. A clean filter can help prevent issues like clogging and will improve the indoor air quality. As a reminder, you can write the date you replace the filter on the filter itself so you always have the date on hand.

Have Your HVAC System Professionally Inspected

Schedule to have a professional company examine your HVAC system at least once a year. Having your system on a regular maintenance schedule can help you prevent major costly repairs or complete breakdowns when you need it the most. Most importantly, do not wait until your system completely stops working to call about a repair. Above all, at the first sign of any issues call a professional to inspect your system and have any minor repairs taken care of. An HVAC system is made up of many components that work together. If one is not working properly then the other parts may over exert themselves causing unnecessary wear and tear.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Another way to prevent AC repairs, is to set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. If the outdoor temperature is over 100 degrees, your indoor temperature will not be able to reach 60 degrees with working all day and night. Furthermore, when you are not at home, sleeping or away make sure to program the thermostat accordingly. However, constant adjusting of the thermostat throughout the day can also wear down your system.

Keep The Area Around Your HVAC Clean

Another step in saving money on HVAC repair, is to keep the area around your HVAC system clean. Keep at least two feet around the unit clear of debris. This can prevent any damage to the system or any clogs. Another area that should be kept clean and open are your vents. A clean vent also keeps debris from flowing throughout your home.

Replace HVAC System With A New More Efficient Model

If you have an older system that has never been properly maintained or if beyond repair, it would be a good idea to invest a new more efficient system. A new high efficiency model can lower your monthly utilities. When looking check for a high SEER and AFUE rating. Furthermore, equipment that has Energy Star certification can also be efficient and save you money. Sometimes, the savings can help recover the cost of the equipment.

Seal All Leaks

Any small cracks around windows and doors can result in loss of heated or cooled air. Make sure to seal these cracks to avoid any loss. This can help ensure your system is not overworking to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Furthermore, you will want to make sure your ducts are properly sealed as well. Any seals in the duct system can result in loss of money on high energy bills or costly repairs.

Hire An HVAC Professional

Above all when you hire an HVAC professional to maintain or repair your HVAC system, it is important to work with a company you can trust. If you do not already have an HVAC company you regularly work with contact friends and family for recommendations. It would also be a good idea to check reviews and certifications of the company you select to work with. To learn more about our other services we offer, please visit our homepage here.

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