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The 4 HVAC Parts That Get Replaced the Most

When your HVAC system is giving you trouble you probably go straight to google to try and figure out what it is. Truthfully, there are a lot of components in an HVAC system. So, depending on what your symptoms are the problem can stem from any number of things. However, there are a few HVAC parts that are much more commonly replaced than others. If your system is not working properly, chances are it is one of these 4 parts.

Flame Sensor

During the winter season issues with heating are commonly caused by problems with the flame sensor. The flame sensor generates electrical currents that instruct the control board to either stop or start releasing fuel. When the flame sensor is not working properly the control board reads that there are no electrical currents and does not signal fuel release. So, if the furnace is not starting up at all it could be the flame sensor. The good news is that many times the flame sensor just needs to be cleaned to begin releasing currents again. If the flame sensor is damaged it will need to be replaced.

Standing Pilot

Most people are familiar with the concept of the pilot light going out on the furnace. Well, the standing pilot is the part that holds the light and keeps it going. It is also another common component replaced during cold seasons. Standing pilots can be found in older gas units, as most new systems use an intermittent pilot (which is a great deal more energy efficient). The standing pilot is made up of a burner, thermocouples, and a gas valve. The major issue is obviously when the light goes out. This is sometimes for minor reasons like simply being blown out by a draft or that the pilot is dirty. However, over time standing pilots, like any component can experience some wear and tear and need to be replaced as well.


A common story is turning on your air conditioner for the first time on a hot summer day and finding that it is unresponsive. Another common story is your system going out during the hottest day of summer after you have run it for days straight. The most common part replaced during the summer months are capacitors. Capacitors are a small device that hold and distribute electricity to all the major components of your air conditioner. So, if your capacitor is burnt out it is a guarantee that your unit will not come on. There are many reasons that capacitors have to be replaced so often. One reason is heat sensitivity. It has been found that high heats can cause capacitors to burn out. Another major reason is that capacitors have a naturally short lifespan. They are not meant to last the entire lifespan of your air conditioner. So, you can guarantee that you will have to have yours replaced at least a few times during the lifespan of your air conditioner unit.


Another HVAC part commonly replaced that also controls electricity throughout the air conditioning unit is the contactor. It is responsible for receiving signals from the thermostat to release or stop electrical flow to the unit. It is also a part that commonly needs to be replaced during the summer season. Luckily, contactors have a little longer life expectancy than capacitors do and do not need to be replaced as often.

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Though these HVAC parts may inevitably need to be replaced on your system, there is a way to ensure that they will not have to be replaced as often and that you will not be caught off guard when they do. Having routine maintenance performed on your system helps each component in your system live to its full life expectancy. For parts like the flame sensor and standing pilot, having them cleaned periodically will have them working at the best possible level of efficiency. Also, during maintenance visits the technicians check the amperage on components, like the capacitor and contactor, so you stay informed about how much longer they will last. If you are ready to take the steps towards extending the longevity and function of your HVAC system components, give us a call today and schedule your maintenance visit at 818-341-3406 or contact us online.

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