Why You Should Schedule Maintenance During Perfect Fall Weather

HVAC maintenance during perfect fall weather

There is little that compares to that sweet spot you hit every fall where the weather is simply perfect. You get those cool crisp mornings and sunny warm days, and after the blistering summer it is no wonder you cannot wait to give your HVAC system a rest. However, even when your system is not running it is still a great idea to complete your yearly HVAC maintenance during perfect fall weather.

Surprise Heat Waves

In the state of California, it is not uncommon to have a last-minute heat wave after the weather has already cooled for a couple of weeks. Though they usually do not last more than a couple of weeks, that can feel like a long time when your air conditioning is not cooling properly. The benefits of having AC maintenance this time of year greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

Debris Build up in Condenser

During inactivity, the condenser can get pretty dirty due to debris build up that occurs around and sometimes even inside the unit. Debris and dirt on the coils will cause poor airflow to the unit which can cause a lot of issues when the warm weather comes back around. If the unit is not cleaned at all throughout the fall season that can equate to a substantial amount of dead foliage and debris around your condenser. It is always a great idea to have one last cleaning for the year, especially if you have not had your yearly AC maintenance done.

Gas Furnace Safety

Carbon monoxide exposure is not something to take lightly. Normally a professionally installed furnace that is still in good condition will keep the CO gas contained safely. However, as a unit begins to age cracks in the heat exchanger can occur, leaking CO in your home. Though carbon monoxide detectors are useful to alarm you when there are lethal amounts in the air, they do not detect smaller leaks that may occur, which over time is also unhealthy. It is great to have the peace of mind that the first time you turn on your furnace this winter, it will be safe.

Unexpected Furnace Breakdowns in the Middle of Winter

The middle of a freezing cold winter night is not the best time to realize that your furnace is not working. While inactive, dust gathers on important components of your furnace like the standing pilot, restricting function. Your components may also be worn from the season before and may be close to needing to be replaced. There is also a possibility that your furnace is on its last leg and you do not realize it. It is better to have that information as soon as possible so you can make an informed decision about replacement before the cold weather starts. During a furnace maintenance, our experienced technicians do a thorough cleaning of the furnace components as well as testing them for functionality. They also will inform you if the unit will likely need to be replaced soon.  

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