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How To Prepare For Your HVAC Installation

HVAC installation

New HVAC equipment for the home can make a tremendous difference for your comfort and your bills. A properly functioning air conditioning system is especially important during the hottest months of the year. At LA Construction Heating and Air, we offer HVAC services that ensures your system works its best throughout the year. Our team specializes in commercial and residential HVAC installation who need a dependable, efficient system. Preparing for a new HVAC installation is critical to save time and money and for a successful installation of your new heating and air conditioning system. Below we give some tips on how to prepare for your HVAC Installation for a smooth process.

Make Room for Installation Team

Before the new HVAC system arrives, clear your home of clutter or any obstacles. Furnaces and air conditioners are heavy large appliances. Make sure you have a clear path for the installation team indoors and outdoors. Be sure to clear a big enough space where equipment will be installed so installer has space to lay out tools and parts. Outdoors this may mean to trim any foliage from the work area. For the indoor spaces, including attic space keep work area free from furniture and other items that may impede movement of installation team and equipment. Remove anything of value such as antiques or artwork from work areas to a safe location. This helps minimize the chance of property damage and accidents from happening.

Make Arrangements for Children and Pets

For the safety of your children, pets and our technicians make arrangements for them for the day of installation. It is highly recommended to keep them away from job site, the equipment and any tools can pose danger to children and pets. Arrange for them to stay in another part of your home or have a family member take them out for the day if not in school. Please plan to keep animals in a secure area away from project site during installation. If you have a tenant in the home do not forget to mention the installation schedule to them.If the installation is for a business, let your employees know as well, or choose a week or time of day where it is less busy.

Inspect Ductwork

Depending on the scope of your project, duct replacement maybe involved. If duct replacement is not a part of the installation, your new HVAC system will be connected to your home’s existing ductwork. Ductwork is av ital component of your HVAC system as it transports the heated or cooled air and distributes it throughout your home. Over time, ductwork can become damaged or start to deteriorate. It is important to take the time to have a professional examine your current ductwork before installation. A professional can inspect the integrity of the existing duct system and recommend repairs or replacement to prevent air loss in the future. Ductwork replacement could extend the length of the project so plan accordingly. Ensuring the integrity of your ductwork prior to installing a new HVAC system will help guarantee your new system runs as efficiently possible.

Be Available

It is best to ensure the owner or a decision maker will be present and available for an initial job site walk through at the start of the installation. It is possible the installation team may have questions for you throughout the project, so be prepared to be available to answer any questions they may have. This is a good time to also ask what your new HVAC installation will entail if it has not already been covered. Ask exactly what will happen during installation. You may need to take a couple days off work for installation, testing and any city inspections. It is also important to be prepared to make any progress payments as outlined in the terms of your contract. After installation and testing is complete, be sure to go over proper operation of the new system, warranty information and any questions you may have with the installation team. This is also a good time to go over any future maintenance. The ac and furnace should be serviced at least once a year. Regular maintenance is vital to keep your new system working smoothly and efficiently and possibly even extend its life span by years.

Consider Thermostat Replacement

If your installation does not include a new thermostat,consider replacing it especially if your current one is not programmable. Consider replacing it with a model that is equipped to take advantage of all the energy-efficient features your new HVAC system offers. There are various smart thermostat models that you can control even when away from home, giving your total control of your new HVAC system.

Plan For Possible Unforeseen Circumstances

As with many other home improvement projects, unexpected repairs may arise that are necessary to complete the project. These may include replacing damaged ductwork, rotten wall studs, asbestos, or electrical upgrades.While our team at LA Construction Heating and Air try to cover all the bases in the initial estimate, some things cannot be assessed until the project begins.If any such work is needed outside of the scope of your initial estimate, we will provide you with a written estimate for your review before proceeding. Keep in mind unforeseen circumstances may increase the cost and length of the HVAC installation.

Contact Us Today

Once installation is complete you will be ready to reap the benefits of a more comfortable home. There are so many benefits that come with the installation of new HVAC system in your home. A new HVAC installation will make your home more energy efficient, lower your utility costs, and improve the overall property value. Taking on an HVAC installation project can seem a bit overwhelming especially if you have never had one before. The installation of your new equipment is an exciting experience. Our team will ensure a quality installation and back it up with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Making the arrangements for a new HVAC system installation ahead of time will help the team keep to their schedule and deliver their best performance. We are here to help contact LA Construction and Air today at 818-341-3406 to schedule a free estimate for HVAC replacement or installation.  To learn more about services our company offers, please visit our homepage.

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