Best Furnace Location

best furnace location

Best Furnace Location in Your Home

Every home is different but typical locations for a gas furnace are attic, garage, hallway closet and in rare occasions for Los Angeles in a basement. In the past, we have worked with homeowners who are not happy with the current location of their HVAC equipment including location of their furnace. The furnace particularly can be a nuisance if it is loud and noisy or if it’s taking up storage space. We are often asked if the furnace can be moved to a different location in the home. Choosing the best furnace location in your home, depends on the layout and available options. In this article we will review your options and what to take into consideration.

How Does A Gas Furnace Work?

A gas furnace pulls air from room temperature air in the home into the system. By using natural gas, the furnace then transfers heat energy to the air through the heat exchanger. When deciding on a location for the furnace there are some basic needs that need to be accounted for: air intake, energy intake, venting and adequate space. Furnaces require proper air circulation and ventilation and can be installed in confined or unconfined spaces. Confined spaces are closets or attics, whereas unconfined spaces are garages, basements, or utility rooms.

Adequate Space

Avoid furnace installation in an area with limited access. It is important to remember that an HVAC professional will need access to the equipment for routine maintenance and repairs. Keep in mind, furnaces generate heat and too much heat in a confined space can lead to issues down the road. Especially if there is not enough fresh air intake. For a gas furnace it can lead to buildup of dangerous carbon monoxide or inadequate air supply leading to backdraft of gases into the home. However, not all homes will have a designated space for furnace installation especially older or historic home and some additional modifications may be needed.

Central Location

If possible, the furnace should be centrally located in the home to reduce the amount of ducting needed which can help save you energy and money. This can be a centrally located closet with big enough clearance to accommodate the unit without limiting access. The closet door will require vents to allow for fresh air circulation. While attics can be warm to work in for professionals, it will not take up valuable storage space or disturb inhabitants as it works during the day. For attic furnace installation adequate space is needed below the roof line, we also consider where the furnace vent is and its proximity to the gas pipe. If you arer elocating the furnace the gas line will need to be modified to reach the new furnace location. Furthermore, if the furnace is in the attic enough space for a furnace platform will also be required.  

Garage Location

If you are considering a garage for furnace location, consider placing it next to an outside wall and near an existing gas pipe. Also consider where the exhaust vent will be installed. It will also require an elevated platform, so the draft from a garage door does not blow out the pilot.

Contact LA Construction, Heating and Air

Even with the considerations above we understand it may be hard to determine the best furnace location in your home. Give LA Construction, Heating and Air a call today at 818-341-3406 we are here to help you! Keep in mind that proper and quality furnace installation is important to maintain efficiency and safety of your equipment. We offer free consultations and can advise you on the best location depending on your needs and budget. As a licensed professional we will also take into consideration that the furnace has adequate ventilation, adequate footprint space, and location of existing gas and electrical connections. To schedule a free estimate give us a call today at 818-341-3406 or contact us online.

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